Great paint job to rectify bad paint job

16 Mar

Jamie and his son from Affinity Painting Solutions in Gordonvale just completed painting the interior of our house, plus the verandah ceilings. They did a great job. Jamie made some recommendations about using gloss on the doors, architraves, and verandah ceiling. That alone is an improvement. Jamie showed up on time, worked on a daily schedule, then came back and fixed up the few spots we found. A tradie in Cairns who shows up on schedule and completes the work on schedule is unfortunately not as common as it should be.
After 3 and a half years, our house needed painting. The verandah ceilings were the worst. Jamie explained that it was due to Ash Moseley Homes using the wrong material there (Villaboard instead of the standard wet area plasterboard). Villaboard is rigid so there are big ugly cracks along the joints. Jamie fixed it the best he could, but said the cracks will be back in 3 months.
Jamie also said our builder, Ash Moseley Homes, did not fill the gap around the windows. Even though it was not part of his quote, Jamie took the time to file the gaps. It is wonderful to see a tradie who takes pride in his work and does the right thing by his customer.
We had some work done by a plasterer at the same time. We needed to re-position a manhole in the powder room. It was put just under a beam by Ash Moseley Homes, which meant we could not access anything from it. So we had it moved a bit, and now it is useful. The plasterers were so unreliable. The first one never showed up as promised. The second plasterer had a worker do the structural work, and leave a mess for the next worker the next day. Every day was a different excuse and a different promise. And we had to live with the mess. Finally, a week later, the plaster came to complete the work. And that stretched over 3 days as they did not have the right putty or the right cornice.
QBCC should tell the Cairns tradies to show up on time. And work out all the materials needed and take that to the job. It seems so basic to me, and just good business, yet too many of the tradies operate in a haphazard fashion.

If you need a painter in Cairns call Jamie at 0409 486 339. When I find a great tradie, I want to tell everyone. Good workmanship and reliability should be rewarded.

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